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The quality seal for sustainable development aid!
According to the UNICEF annual report 2012 every 3rd child grows up in a slum. In most cases malnourished, without access to good education and under catastrophic hygienic circumstances. In some African countries 90 % of the population lives below the breadline. Those who see at first hand this situation will never forget these impressions – it changes the own life and view of the world. It motivates to tackle the problems, to give input to help.Those who are used as entrepreneur to manoeuvre something, to implement something, to advance, they know how to achieve changes by commitment, dedication and persistence. The GOES FAIR community is such an alliance: entrepreneurs who assume responsibility and contribute to support the poorest people in developing countries by undivided solidarity.

Business Social Compliance Initiative

he Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is a non- profit corporate network with registered office in Brussels. This initiative was founded in order to create a common platform for different European codes of ethics and monitoring sytems for special social standards. The observance of these codes of ethics – especially by the suppliers - is the ultimate ambitious aim of the BSCI. With further actions, e.g. the "round tables" it is ensured that the suppliers act according to national and international laws regarding social aspects and environmental protection. Thereby a widespread and lasting development in the countries of the suppliers should be supported.